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Founder & CEO

About Us

Connie has more than 25 years of building relationships with clients, building and developing teams and coaching business associates. For the past 11 years she has been a facilitator and coach. Connie has a passion for building, growing and developing business owners, teams and individuals.

Connie has been an IT Executive in roles like VP of Sales in Life Sciences and Healthcare. She earned her Regulatory Affairs Certification, Global by scoring in the top 96 percentile. Her background includes: Executive Coach for The Walt Disney Company, where she was charged with coaching 10 Executives as they created a new department within IT to better support Disney’s business. She was the Global Client Relationship Director for General Motors while with Accenture LLP. Prior to Accenture she was with Microsoft Corporation where she held the position of VP of Sales for the General Motors Account. In both roles, she had global sales and relationship responsibility for all of General Motors, their affiliates and subsidiaries globally.

Our Approach

At Cwik Business Connections, coaching, training, meeting facilitation and public speaking are our core strengths and the heartbeat of the services we provide.

We combine coactive business and executive coaching with a combination of DiSC® Profiles and Strengths Finders® to provide a well-rounded approach to creating the most productive teams and team members.

Our coaching staff has a combined 30+ years in coaching, training and facilitation/public speaking. We have special expertise the following industries: pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory affairs, IT, sales, mortgage banking and real estate.

Our Story

One day I was out shopping and received a call from a previous client who was calling to ask me to become the coach his team of 10 IT Executives. The objective was to assist the team in learning to sell their ideas and solutions to the business units of this Fortune 500 company.

As a senior executive at a number of companies, I had extensive experience in creating business cases that demonstrated a return on investment that was attractive to the business units.

Prior to that call, I had never even thought about being a coach but the client saw in me what I did not see in myself and I am so glad he did. I get up everyday passionate about what I do and the people that I work with! I hope I get to work with you one day!

Next Steps…

If you think you need a coach, then contact me today to make sure you get on my schedule while I still have some availability!